Breakfast at Tiffany’s-Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

Ooooh, let’s take it all the way back to 1961 with a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed cake smash! Baby Florence was in the studio to celebrate her first birthday!

This Audrey Hepburn movie is a favourite for this family. I was excited to create a set to match the movie theme. Florence’s mom asked for a really simple set-up instead of the over-the-top sets you often see for cake smash sessions with this theme.

To complete this set-up, my baker created an absolutely gorgeous cake!

Happy first birthday, Florence!

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Jungle Safari-Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

Shiven is one year old!

I have never met such a HAPPY baby! We did formal portraits, the cake smash, and a bubble bath-and he smiled and laughed the entire time! He absolutely loved his cake and all of the cheering and clapping from his parents as he devoured it.

I had been waiting for someone to select this jungle safari theme, and I’m so happy that Shiven’s parents chose it for his first birthday cake smash.

Happy birthday, Shiven!

Edmonton cake smash photographer-jungle safari smashEdmonton cake smash-baby turns one

Simoni Turns One-Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

Simoni was in the studio to celebrate her first birthday in style with a cake smash session!

In all my years of being a photographer, I have never seen a baby deconstruct a cake as quickly as Simoni did! It was absolutely hilarious to watch. She was so fast that I only captured a quick photo or two before she went after the cake and flattened it! I laughed so hard when she began rubbing icing onto her legs!

It’s a good thing that we did a bubble bath after the cake smash portion, as Simoni loved it and it helped clean all of that icing off her!

Happy first birthday, Simoni!

Edmonton cake smash photos-baby turns one

Floral Market-Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

Happy first birthday to baby Jind! She was in the studio to celebrate her big day with a cake smash session.

I had just received a shipment of new backdrops, and I was so excited when her parents chose this floral market backdrop. I ordered a matching floral cake, and Jind was dressed in an adorable pink outfit. We also did a family portrait session, and Jind gave the biggest smiles!

Jind is such a happy and sweet baby! Happy birthday!

Mr. ONEderful-Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

Marcel was in the studio for a Mr ONEderful cake smash!

His mom and I had been planning his sessions for months and months. Over time, it morphed into this black, white, and gold little gentleman theme with lights and sparkles! Isn’t Marcel’s suit the cutest outfit you’ve ever seen?

Marcel wins the record for most face plants into a cake! I have been photographing cake smash sessions for many years, and I’ve never seen a baby so content to eat the cake without any hands!

Marcel’s family also added on a bubble bath and some family photos. Splashing in the tub with some bubbles was the perfect way to end his big birthday photo session. I just love how this session turned out!

Happy birthday to this little man!

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