Wildfire Smoky Session-Edmonton Family Photographer

I’ve been such a lucky photographer to get so capture so many memories for this family over the years! One thing I haven’t done for them is capture some family photos during thick wildfire smoke…until now! Sometimes my client’s work schedules just don’t allow for us to reschedule. After verifying that they were ok to proceed, we met up at Millcreek Ravine.

Wildfire smoke was never an issue I had to deal with in the past when I first began photographing families in 2012. Now it seems to be a growing concern every summer, but this family handled it well. On the positive side, the smoke does act as a giant diffuser for the sun. This means that I am able to easily capture photos earlier in the day without worrying about people squinting in the harsh sun!

This brother and sister duo have to be the cutest I have ever photographed! I just love the photos of the siblings together!

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