I met with this couple a few weeks ago to capture some maternity images before their little one arrives this summer.

We had a week of really windy weather in the Edmonton area. Sometimes 45 km/hr wind gusts can provide just the assistance you need to achieve soft, windblown hair! Special thanks to the father-to-be for his dress throwing skills! The wind caught the dress as he tossed it up and we ended up with this great image you see below. The mosquitoes were terrible that evening, and the wind was sure blowing, but in the end we were able to capture some beautiful images!

Mya is my cousin’s daughter, so this was a very special session as I got to photograph the newest member of my extended family!

Mya had zero interest in sleeping, so we spent the first hour or two visiting and just trying to tire her out. Eventually she gave in for a little while and then popped her eyes open again for the family images. I’d say that 99% of the time babies sleep for portraits with their parents. But once in a while they wake up when the time comes and are super alert. “I gotta stay awake for this one! It’s my close up with my Mommy and Daddy!”

Welcome to the world, beautiful Mya!

This is beautiful baby Demitra at 6 days old!

She was super tiny and SUCH a great sleeper. She gave me 3 adorable smiles during her session!

Congratulations to this family!

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